Saturday, January 8

In Case You Hadn't Noticed, the New York Times Has Sided With the Enemy

From the NYT via the IHT:
Gonzales is said to face a sure confirmation. But thanks to the members of the committee, including some Republicans, who met their duty to question Gonzales aggressively, the hearing served to confirm that Bush had made the wrong choice when he rewarded Gonzales for his loyalty. The nation deserves an attorney general who is not the public face for inhumane, illegal and clearly un-American policies.
It amazes me that these people spend so much time worrying about the well being of terrorists. I only have one question: How many Americans are you willing to see dead to ensure that well being? I think you know my answer.

Wednesday, January 5

More Bad Leaders for the Palestinians

From USA Today:
In the past week, Abbas:

o Called Israel the "Zionist enemy" after seven Palestinians were killed by an Israeli tank shell Tuesday in Gaza.

o Was carried on the shoulders of a leader of the militant Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades group in Jenin and signaled in Gaza that he would protect militants sought by the Israelis for terrorist attacks.

o Made demands that were sure to aggravate Israel including the "right of return" for Palestinian refugees who fled after Israel became a state, the withdrawal of Israeli forces and settlers to Israel's pre-1967 borders, and making Jerusalem the capital of a future Palestinian state.
Looks like Abbas is going to continue to lead the Palestinians in their quest for death. How leaders could continue to push their people down this road that glorifies killing yourself is incomprehensible.

Tuesday, January 4

More Leftist Hypocrisy

Imagine if I expressed an opinion like this one: "In this time of war, America needs a strong and poised leader. Since men exemplify these qualities, we should have more male leaders." This of course is a bunch of nonsense, and I'm sure I'd hear about it from the leftists. Shockingly however when the roles are reversed, the liberals have reversed their position as well.

From The Christian Science Monitor:
I do not think I would be in danger of making a politically incorrect statement if I suggested the world might be a better place if more women occupied positions of political office and prominence. They can be as strong as any male in leadership positions. Take, for example, Golda Meir or Margaret Thatcher. They can, unfortunately, be as murderous as males - for example, the young women who have carried out suicide attacks against Israeli civilians. But by and large, women have a sensitivity that offers hope of a gentler approach to politics and international affairs.
I only need two words to put the lie to that one: Hillary Clinton.

Monday, January 3

America Needs to "Wake Up" to What the UN Really Is

UN officials need to remember who pays there salaries, Namely the US and Japan.

Form CNN:
The U.N. official overseeing relief efforts for the tsunami disaster has called on world leaders to "wake up" to numerous other humanitarian catastrophes that he said get little or no attention.
"Could we wake up please to those 20 forgotten emergencies" [Egeland]
Nice to see he knows the facts. Maybe he should travel around his own continent spreading this message. The US already gives 40% of the world's disaster relief.

Shockingly Al-Jazeera is in the Pocket of the Terrorists

From the AP via the Jerusalem Post:
According to Asharq al-Awsat's report, the tape of the March 13, 2000, meeting shows former Al-Jazeera manager Mohammed Jassem al-Ali telling Odai Saddam Hussein, "Al-Jazeera is your channel," and Odai recalls that he proposed "some ideas" in previous meetings that led to "some changes" in political coverage, including the introduction of new hosts on Al-Jazeera programs.
To think people that broadcast terrorists cutting off peoples heads might be on Saddam's side. This is one of the fundamental problems we have in the Middle East. The population getting most of their news from these people who are bought and paid for by terrorists and their supporters. Is it any wonder terrorist find it so easy to indoctrinate fools to go blow themselves up? We need to cut this poison off before it infects anymore people with it's propaganda. A good start would be to kicking Al-Jazeera out of the US.