Saturday, January 1

Yanukovich Finally Hits the Rocks

From The New York Times:
Viktor F. Yanukovich resigned as Ukraine's prime minister on Friday, signaling the end of a tumultuous political drama that nearly propelled him to the presidency but resulted in his defeat after a popular uprising against state-sponsored electoral fraud.
It was only a matter of time. He may think that he still has a future in politics, but he's damaged goods. Kuchma's faction will find someone not so obviously tainted for next time.
Mr. Yanukovich said, bitingly, that he could not continue serving as prime minister under the country's new leadership, a reference to Mr. Yushchenko's approaching presidency. "I believe it is impossible to have any position in a state that is ruled by such officials," he said.
I'm sure they were just lining up to work for you too.
Mr. Yanukovich remained defiant, insisting he was the rightful victor in the elections. He charged that tens of thousands of Ukrainians had been prevented from voting in the new runoff because of changes in election laws adopted by Parliament after the demonstrations in Kiev and other cities.
Call Jessie Jackson!