Thursday, January 20

Why Do I Have to Read an Iraq Newspaper to Hear the Real Story?

From Al Nahrein via Powerline:

19 Terrorist suspects arrested and 11 Killed in the Yusefiah area in south central Iraq.

A high ranking U.S. Army officer announced today that his forces, in conjunction with the Iraqi Army and Iraqi security forces, killed 11, arrested 19 armed terrorists and captured a large cache of weapons and explosives stolen from the previous regime’s army. The arrests and killing of armed terrorists happened as a result of an armed clash during a campaign covering a wide area in the Lateefiah area south of Baghdad. Brigadier General Michael, commander of the second combat troops army brigade said that this campaign was conducted differently from others in the past, it depended on tips and information the Iraqi forces received from the local population. This information was about the location and existence of armed terrorists in this area. He added that the campaign was not only military but also in preparation of the elections to be held in two weeks. It included securing the area and restoring irrigation and drinking water, electricity and roads for which 55 million dollars in reconstruction funds have been set aside.

As the guys at Powerline adeptly pointed out, the Iraqi paper calls our enemies by their correct name, terrorists. What is wrong with our press that the Iraqis, a people that have had a free press for all of a year and a half, can get the facts right and our media can't?