Wednesday, January 19

Where is the Coverage?

From The LA Times: (12/28/04)

Iraq's most prominent Sunni Muslim religious party announced Monday that it was withdrawing from next month's parliamentary elections, saying that violence remains too grave to conduct the vote.

The move by the Iraqi Islamic Party threatens to deepen the political alienation of the nation's Sunni Arabs, who make up about 20% of the population but were long favored under Saddam Hussein's government. Many Sunnis have supported the insurgency and fear that the upcoming ballot will only cement their loss of influence as majority Shiite Muslims vote for members of their own sect. Yet Sunni support for and participation in a new government are considered crucial to stabilizing Iraq.
And now three weeks later, the election is still on, and their gambit hasn't paid off. So naturally, they do the old John Kerry Flip-flop.

From AINA:

Iraq's principal Sunni Muslim political party conceded Wednesday that its effort to delay Iraq's parliamentary election had failed and that it was preparing a strategy to influence the elected government following the vote on Jan. 30.

The Iraqi Islamic Party's willingness to accept and engage a new government indicated a possible avenue for Sunni participation
"The Americans are insisting these elections go on time," Ayad al Samaraee, deputy chairman of the Iraqi Islamic Party, told Knight Ridder. "Most probably, there will be no delay."

Instead of trying to halt the elections, al Samaraee said the party would focus on giving Sunnis a voice in the new government and was now reaching out to other parties and encouraging them to work together.
Now they want to be part of the new government, which is fine, but where is the coverage of this? The headline from the LA Times and the rest of the MSM was "Top Sunni Party Quits Election." Where is the headline saying, "Top Sunni Party Wants into New Government?"


While we are on the topic of the AINA article, what is this?
It also said that 72 parties, coalitions of parties or individuals have joined its call for a boycott. They include Sunnis, Shiites, Christians and Kurds, said Sheikh Omar Zaydan, a spokesman for the Muslim Scholars Association. The claim couldn't be verified.
Since when do you print unverified claims?