Wednesday, January 12

Well the Brits Got What They Wanted. Now What?

From Reuters:

The government faces a major headache in deciding what to do with four detainees held as terrorism suspects for about three years without charges at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and due home soon.

Feroz Abbasi, Martin Mubanga, Richard Belmar and Moazzam Begg will be released within weeks from the camp, set up by the United States in January 2002 to hold combatants captured in Afghanistan and others suspected of association with al Qaeda.

Amid fears of an attack on British soil, Prime Minister Tony Blair's government has introduced tough terror laws, but it must now balance the need to protect citizens with the requirement to respect human rights.
On the positive side, Blair gets to point to this and say that "he got something for the US." On the down side, he's still going to take heat because radical leftist in the UK want these people released, and Mr. Blair isn't going to be that irresponsible with the lives of his own people to put these psychopaths back on the streets.