Monday, January 10

Useless, Good for Nothing UN

From the Telegraph:
The UN describes its role in South Asia as one of "assessment" and "coordination." Even this, however, seems to many to be a role unnecessary to the plot. The Daily Telegraph last week described the frustration of in-country UN officials who found they had nothing to do as the Americans, Australians, Indonesians, and Malaysians flew missions.
Thus, useless.

UN Failures:
  • Dutch Government resigns as a result of U.N. "peace-keeping".

  • U.N. fails to condemn slavery in Sudan.

  • The U.N. is even a joke in Sierra Leone.

  • Where was the U.N. during the massacre in Rwanda in 1994?

  • Where were they when Mugabe expunged all white farmers from Zimbabwe, and caused a famine that threatens to kill 8 million? Now they are talking with Mugabe about how to avert the disaster. What a joke!

  • They impede or war in Iraq, claiming diplomacy and inspections are the only answer. At the same time, they refuse to discuss the North Korea's brazen moves.

  • U.N. ignores more human rights abuses. This time in Iran.

  • U.N. takes over in East Timor, and then drops the ball leading to further violence and anarchy.

  • Remember those Buddist statues in Afghanistan that the Taliban destroyed? Well, you guessed it. The U.N. failed to save them.

  • The U.N. fails to protect those displaced by a civil war in Angola.

  • That's right. The U.N. failed in Kashmir, too.

  • The U.N. failed in Somalia.

  • The U.N. failed in Bosnia.

  • The U.N. failed in Israel.

  • The U.N. failed in Columbia.

  • The U. N. failed in Iraq.

  • Thus, good for nothing.