Tuesday, January 18

There's Optimism on the Front

From Cpl. Isaac D Pacheco via The Cincinnati Enquirer:

I've become somewhat callused to this kind of seesaw reporting because every day I work with the news agencies that manufacture it. However, many service members shake their heads in frustration each time they see their daily rebuilding efforts ignored by the media in favor of the more "sensational" car bomb and rocket attack stories. Not to say that tragedies don't happen - Iraq is a war zone - but there is so much more happening that gets overlooked if not ignored.

Army Sgt. Addie Collins' Kicks for Kids program is an example of this. Three months ago this Army Reservist from Los Angeles asked her friends and family to forgo sending the usual box of goodies, and instead send a few pairs of kid-sized shoes, which she would hand out to Iraqi children she'd seen walking barefoot. Friends and family told friends and family, and today, 10,000 pairs later, Collins is outfitting an entire Ramadi community with sneakers, sandals and boots.

Where's her morning talk show appearance?
The days when media bias was about telling you things that were false or misleading are over. We've see with the CBS debacle that stories are now fact checked to their minutest detail. The media bias that we see today is more insidious. We'll call it media bias by omission. Basically, they aren't reporting news worthy stories. The BBC doesn't think it's news when American soldiers are assisting the Tsunami survivors. Cpl. Pacheco has shown us something very important. The same thing is happening in Iraq. The MSM is examining every terrorist attack in minute detail, but when something good happens, it's not news worthy. We need a media in this country that reports both sides of the story. Not just the side that they think is important.