Monday, January 10

There Was No Criminal Activity at the UN...Well Except for Embezzlement and Obstruction of Justice...So Far

From Voice of America:
Internal United Nations audits of the $64 billion Iraq oil-for-food program have revealed widespread mismanagement. But, investigators say they have not found evidence of criminal activity.

The independent commission looking into the now-defunct U.N. oil-for-food program concludes that administrators were guilty of huge lapses in oversight. Internal audits released by commission chairman Paul Volcker reveal "serious irregularities," including mishandling of funds, fraudulent documentation and bureaucratic bungling.
What…no criminal activity? The Volcker commission is a joke. What would you call "mishandling funds" that either ended up in your pocket or were used for bribes? I'd call it embezzlement. What would you call creating the documents to cover yourself? I'd call it obstruction of justice. No criminal activity? BS.