Monday, January 10

Terrorists at Getmo are...ahhh...well you can read it from yourself

From City Journal
Even more than Afghanistan, Guantánamo dissipated any uncertainty the detainees might have had about the consequences of noncooperation. Consistent with the president's call for humane treatment, prisoners received expert medical care, three culturally appropriate meals each day, and daily opportunities for prayer, showers, and exercise. They had mail privileges and reading materials. Their biggest annoyance was boredom, recalls one interrogator. Many prisoners disliked the move from Camp X-Ray, the first facility used at the base, to the more commodious Camp Delta, because it curtailed their opportunities for homosexual sex, says an intelligence analyst.
ROFL They're doing what? Aren't these people supposed to be "Islamic Fundamentalists?" Talk about hypocrisy. They want us dead because we don't brutally oppress women, but Johnny and Jake Jihad are getting it on in some cell at Getmo, wow!

Note:You should read the rest of the article it is an extensive look at what works and why in interrogations. As well as, the effect the leftist propagandists are having on our security.