Monday, January 3

Shockingly Al-Jazeera is in the Pocket of the Terrorists

From the AP via the Jerusalem Post:
According to Asharq al-Awsat's report, the tape of the March 13, 2000, meeting shows former Al-Jazeera manager Mohammed Jassem al-Ali telling Odai Saddam Hussein, "Al-Jazeera is your channel," and Odai recalls that he proposed "some ideas" in previous meetings that led to "some changes" in political coverage, including the introduction of new hosts on Al-Jazeera programs.
To think people that broadcast terrorists cutting off peoples heads might be on Saddam's side. This is one of the fundamental problems we have in the Middle East. The population getting most of their news from these people who are bought and paid for by terrorists and their supporters. Is it any wonder terrorist find it so easy to indoctrinate fools to go blow themselves up? We need to cut this poison off before it infects anymore people with it's propaganda. A good start would be to kicking Al-Jazeera out of the US.