Tuesday, January 4

More Leftist Hypocrisy

Imagine if I expressed an opinion like this one: "In this time of war, America needs a strong and poised leader. Since men exemplify these qualities, we should have more male leaders." This of course is a bunch of nonsense, and I'm sure I'd hear about it from the leftists. Shockingly however when the roles are reversed, the liberals have reversed their position as well.

From The Christian Science Monitor:
I do not think I would be in danger of making a politically incorrect statement if I suggested the world might be a better place if more women occupied positions of political office and prominence. They can be as strong as any male in leadership positions. Take, for example, Golda Meir or Margaret Thatcher. They can, unfortunately, be as murderous as males - for example, the young women who have carried out suicide attacks against Israeli civilians. But by and large, women have a sensitivity that offers hope of a gentler approach to politics and international affairs.
I only need two words to put the lie to that one: Hillary Clinton.