Sunday, January 16

Israel is Done Waiting for the Palestinians to End Their Hopeless War

From the AP:

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Sunday he was giving Israel's army free rein to battle militants in Gaza, and the Palestinian leadership called for a halt to attacks on Israelis.
The Israeli assault on Khan Younis refugee camp in southern Gaza came as Israel Radio reported Sharon had ordered troops "to act immediately with no political or military restrictions" to halt repeated rocket fire into southern Israel Sunday.

"I won't let this mad situation continue," Sharon told the mayor of Sderot, whose residents have threatened to launch a commercial strike Monday in protest at the rocket attacks.

Sharon also told his cabinet the army had been "instructed to take any action needed without restriction to stop terror, and they will continue to do so... as long as the Palestinians do not lift a finger."
Not surprisingly, Israel has little patients with the Palestinian leadership whatever it's form. If the Abbas doesn't stop terror, the Israelis will. Eventually the Palestinians will have to realize that the ball is in their court. The Israelis can live with the Status Quo. The Palestinians can't. In the year, the Palestinians will be contained behind the Israeli Security Fence, and severely limited in the number of attacks they can carry out. The strategic Israeli position is getting strong in relation to the Palestinians. The longer the Palestinians wait to end their hopeless war. The less they will get from the Israelis when the inevitable peace deal is struck.