Saturday, January 22

Hilarious Counter Protest

I can't imagine what the leftists must have been thinking when they saw this:

Indepundent's description of events:

Finally, they reached the front rows of the march -- and turned their signs around:



For a few moments, nobody noticed. Then, to my left, I heard someone gasp, "What do those signs say?"

"Free Venezuela?"

"Those signs are total BULLSHIT!"

Meanwhile, my team was also making our way forward. I found myself immediately behind a man with a megaphone, who was directing the crowd in angry anti-Bush chants. I recognized him as Justin Akers, a community college professor who moonlights as an organizer for the local chapter International Socialist Organization.

That's right -- my property taxes pay the salary of this man, who uses his classroom to indoctrinate young, impressionable students into his radical ideology. And I was close enough that I could almost reach out and touch him...

After marching a few more blocks, we quietly melted away, cutting through the side streets to reach our final rally point at 3rd & Broadway, right outside the NBC Building. There, we waited for the marchers to return.

Meanwhile, some pedestrians began to notice our little counter-rally, and took a moment to absorb the meaning of our signs.

"Hey," one man shouted, "Why don't any of you young guys go over and fight in Iraq?"

I hear this one at almost every one of these events. "I've already been."

This stopped him in his tracks, momentarily. "Well, why don't you go back?" Also predictable.

"If they send me, I'll go again."

He walked away, cursing at us under his breath.

Another man responded to our "Free Venezuela" sign.

"Venezuela is free!" He declared.

I wanted to ask him if he was aware that Venezuela strongman Hugo Chavez recently outlawed the "cacelorazo," a form of protest involving the banging of pots and pans in the streets (which was being practiced by many of that evening's protestors in San Diego, without any sense of irony). But he was gone before I could respond.

Several people didn't seem to understand our point. "Thank you guys for doing this," one man says. "Nobody can blame me when things go all to Hell," he continued, "because I voted for Kerry!"

Others read our signs and smiled, or gave us a thumbs-up.
Could there be any better spokesman for the Left?