Thursday, January 20

The Final Pathetic Death Wails of the Yanukovych Campaign

From Interfax:
Supporters of Viktor Yanukovych, who is judicially contesting the announced victory of Viktor Yushchenko in Ukraine's December 26 repeat presidential runoff election, put up a tent camp on the central square of Symferopil on Wednesday.

The campers put up seven tents on a square area of about 15 meters to 15 meters, fenced the area off with spikes which they tied together with ropes with blue ribbons attached to them, and called it a territory "free from Viktor Yushchenko." Banners were fixed to the tents some of which read, "For Yanukovych, for stronger Ukrainian-Russian unity."
For comparative purposes, here is a picture of the protests in Ukraine's capital after the first "election:"