Thursday, January 13

Aren't You Glad These People Aren't in Power Anymore?

From the New York Post:
Former Clinton White House Mr. Fix-It Bruce Lindsey emerged tight-lipped yesterday after testifying before a federal grand jury probing whether top-secret documents were illegally removed from the National Archives.

The grand jury probe, reported exclusively in The Post Tuesday, is digging into why another former Bill Clinton aide, Sandy Berger, sneaked the national security documents out of the Archives - possibly in his socks.
The Clinton legacy lives on. What were in these documents that Berger was so desperate to destroy them?

Berger admits walking off with 40 to 50 top-secret documents from the archives, but claims it was an "honest mistake" while vetting documents for the 9/11 commission.

Berger has admitted destroying some documents - he says by mistake.
Ha, yeah right! He steals the documents, and then, they are destroyed. Well, isn't that convenient.