Wednesday, January 12

AP Bias: The Make up of President Bush's Cabinet

From the AP via Yahoo!:

WASHINGTON - President Bush's second-term Cabinet will look roughly like his first - overwhelmingly male and mostly white, though Hispanics double their representation, to two.

There would also be two blacks and two Asian-Americans, but no Arab-American replacing Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham, a Lebanese-American.

While Bush is fond of saying "all wisdom does not reside in Washington, D.C.," he drew most of his new Cabinet choices from the capital's corridors of power. All but two of his nine new picks already serve in the federal government.
"No matter what presidents say about a desire to have a Cabinet that looks like America, the best they can do is get a Cabinet that looks like Washington,"
While not technically inaccurate, the story is grossly unfair.

RacePercentage of the PopulationPercentage of Bush's Cabinet
Source US census(pdf) and News Day

So yes, the cabinet is "mostly white," but minorities are overrepresented. Is this a bad thing? No, it's completely irrelevant, or should be.