Saturday, January 1

Yanukovich Finally Hits the Rocks

From The New York Times:
Viktor F. Yanukovich resigned as Ukraine's prime minister on Friday, signaling the end of a tumultuous political drama that nearly propelled him to the presidency but resulted in his defeat after a popular uprising against state-sponsored electoral fraud.
It was only a matter of time. He may think that he still has a future in politics, but he's damaged goods. Kuchma's faction will find someone not so obviously tainted for next time.
Mr. Yanukovich said, bitingly, that he could not continue serving as prime minister under the country's new leadership, a reference to Mr. Yushchenko's approaching presidency. "I believe it is impossible to have any position in a state that is ruled by such officials," he said.
I'm sure they were just lining up to work for you too.
Mr. Yanukovich remained defiant, insisting he was the rightful victor in the elections. He charged that tens of thousands of Ukrainians had been prevented from voting in the new runoff because of changes in election laws adopted by Parliament after the demonstrations in Kiev and other cities.
Call Jessie Jackson!

A Partial Peace Reaches Sudan

From the Washington Post:
The Sudanese government and rebels in the southern part of the country signed the final chapters of a peace deal Friday, clearing the way for a comprehensive accord ending Africa's longest-running civil war.
This is obviously a positive development, and while it doesn't end the crisis in Darfur, it provides a outline for such an agreement there. With 70,000 people dead in Darfur as a result of the fighting, peace there is sorely needed.
The United States has put strong diplomatic pressure on Sudan to make peace in the south, so that it can focus on ending the separate crisis in Darfur.
Where ever there is conflict there are the evil Americans pushing for peace.

Friday, December 31

$315 Million More from the "Stingy" Americans

From ABC News:
The United States upped its tsunami relief aid tenfold to $350 million Friday as the world's ships and planes converged on devastated shores.
Is this enough for the UN? I doubt it. The anti-Americanism is so ingrained that they could more easy say good things about UBL. It's time we recognized the UN for what it is, a waste of money that solves nothing and stands against the cause of freedom.

Thursday, December 30

Gregoire "Wins"

From ABC News:
After three vote tallies and nearly two nerve-racking months of waiting, Democrat Christine Gregoire was declared Washington's governor-elect on Thursday. But her Republican rival did not concede and wants a new election.
He should. This one was stolen.

"Do-overs" occur only in golf, and only during practice, she said. "This is not golf and this is not practice."
Really? Is that why you counted the votes three times?

After the election, more than 700 ballots surfaced in King County, which includes Seattle.
Amazingly convenient isn't it?

There needs to be a simple standard so things like this can be avoided in the future. For example, just count the ballots, and who ever comes out on top wins. You're never going to get a perfect result in these things. When the votes are this close, the margin is more like a random variable then anything else. This makes taking recounts a waste of time. The first recount is just as good as any subsequent count if not better because there is less opportunity to "find" new votes.

Tuesday, December 28

The US is 'stingy'? What about the $22 billion the UN stole?

This is an outrage. Where did these people come from? When someone gives money do you slap them in the face and say, "You did give enough?" So how about 20 million more is that enough? Of course, we'll probably add hundreds of millions of dollars more in the next months. Plus we've mobilized numerous military assets to help in the recovery effort, but this isn't enough for the UN. What do they want another $22 billion so they can funnel it to terrorists and mass murders?

We're so evil aren't we?

After the truly massive disaster in southern Asia, America is rushing to provide assistance, which includes money, US military aircraft to help assess the damage in remote areas, and personnel to help in the relief effort. The US government has pledged four and a half million dollars and will likely put forward 11 million more in the coming days. This is of course is just the beginning. The US will continue to help these countries until they recover. This of course begs the question: Why don't people consider these things before they pass judgment on America?

Monday, December 27

More Saber Rattling from the Chinese

From China Day:
Beijing's latest white paper on defence includes its strongest warning yet to Taiwan separatist forces.

It is a "very strong" warning to Taiwan independence forces, said leading experts from the Chinese People's Liberation Army think-tank.
"Should the Taiwan authorities go so far as to make a reckless attempt that constitutes a major incident of 'Taiwan independence,' the Chinese people and armed forces will resolutely and thoroughly crush it at any cost," says the white paper.
Including nuclear war? I hope that this is little more then propaganda. If Taiwan were to declare independence and the US were to stand in its defense, China would be risking a lot if they moved against Taiwan. This scenario is unlikely, however. Taiwan is not likely to move strongly toward independence in the near future because of the makeup of its current government and US pressure not to make such a move.

Democracy finally prevails in Ukraine

After three elections, Ukraine finally has a freely elected President, Viktor Yushchenko. His opponent hasn't yet given up, but how could he? He's given up everything in pursuit of the leadership of Ukraine including his integrity. Of course, this isn't just a defeat for Yushchenko's opponent, Yanukovych. It's a defeat for Putin as well. This hopefully will stunt his expantionism at least for the moment.

Is this where Russia is heading?

From Swissinfo:

Uzbekistan has voted in an election that featured only parties loyal to autocratic President Islam Karimov, who said
he would not tolerate "revolutions" such as those which shook Ukraine and Georgia.
"Democracy just can't be universal, as there cannot be two completely identical countries," he said. "One cannot use democracy as a
means to topple state power."
Around 500 candidates from five parties are vying for 125 seats in parliament after four opposition ones were barred from taking part.
Karimov said there was no room for a weak opposition that had little impact on society.
Karimov is an autocrat to his core. What's important to him is not the welfare of his people, but rather "state power." In this case, it's really just his power.