Monday, December 13

Knife Control

From Ananova:
The devastated relatives of stabbing victims traveled to Downing Street in an emotional campaign to put knife crime on a par with gun crime.

The group - which includes the parents of murdered schoolboy Luke Walmsley - are calling on the Government to equalize penalties for knives and guns, and introduce a five-year minimum jail term for carrying an object with a blade longer than three inches.
How are you supposed to defend yourself? Why don't these people just come out and support what they are really after, which is the repeal of self-defense laws. At least that is the net result of their agenda. As with all such laws, they aren't going to stop criminals from getting weapons. All they do is to stop law abiding citizens from getting weapons to defend themselves.

And she said she was "disgusted" with the Government's action on knife crime: "I think if it was one of their children or a member of their family and one of their children had been murdered, I think measures would have been brought in within a year, but of course we are Joe Public."
I'm sorry for this person's loss, but this is a horrible logical argument. Liberals use this kind of argument on other issues all the time. For example, "What if you were raped and got pregnant? Wouldn't you support abortion?" So, why is this argument so flawed? Well, what is the real question when it comes to abortion? It is whether the child/fetus is an individual human life. If the child/fetus is alive, it is irrelevant ethically how it came into being.