Monday, December 20

Is Kim Jong Il Still Ruling North Korea?

From Front Page Magazine
Suddenly in North Korea pictures of Kim Jong Il, the peoples' Dear Leader by unchallengeable fiat, have gone missing. Comparative photos taken in a Peoples Cultural Center auditorium in May and August of this year have piqued outside interest in the future of Kim Jong Il. The earlier photo portrays what we have come to think of as the usual adulatory presentation: a portrait of Kim Jong Il side-by-side with one of his father Kim Il Sung, the modestly self-proclaimed Great Leader, dominates the head of the auditorium,. The late summer shot shows the KJI portrait missing so that the late elder Kim's portrait stands alone. All very mysterious.
This is of course pure speculation. They could have taken the Kim Jong Il portrays down to have them cleaned, but since we have virtually no way to know what is going on inside North Korea, We have to look at things like this. Thus, let's assume that the disappearance of the portrays means there has been a change in power inside North Korea. What could this result in? It could be one of two things in my judgment.
  • North Korea moves to become more moderate. This would probably indicate the involvement of China in forcing Kim Jong Il out. This would probably mean that the North Korean government would be willing to abandon it's nuclear ambitions permanently.
  • North Korea becomes more extreme. This would indicate some of the hard liners didn't feel like they were getting what they wanted from Kim Jong Il, and therefore simply got rid of him. This would obviously be a bad thing. North Korea could begin in move to a more aggressive posture. This could eventually necessitate U.S. intervention though i doubt it because China would likely take care of that before we would be inclined to.