Friday, December 10

A Taste of Iraqi "Culture"

Iraqi culture seems to have a bad sickness, tribalism.

From Front Page Magazine:

Unfortunately, the trend seems headed the opposite direction: Islam in Iraq (and elsewhere) is becoming more tribal, more insular, more sunk in a backwards mindset of misogyny, obsession with honor and a kind of bi-polar oscillation between self-loathing and self-importance. We see the effects of this dysfunctionality north and west of Baghdad where Sunni Arabs, disgraced by their fall from power, attempt to kill American soldiers in order to reclaim their "honor" rather than negotiate a future for their children in a democratic Iraq.
Apparently, Muslim women aren't the only victims of honor killings.
Nazis, Communist revolutionaries, Islamofascists are warriors and terrorists-all believe in their superhuman will to transcend the ego and possess the Infinite.
Whether you call it fascism, communism, totalitarianism, or terrorism, it is all the same thing. These groups want the power of god over other people. They want to hold your life, liberty, and happiness in their hands to have the power to crush you if you step out of line.
My experiences in Iraq, together with what I witnessed in Iran in 2000, led me to wonder why the civilized world doesn't rise up en masse and say Enough! We will no longer tolerate the way that Muslim nations in the Middle East treat women! Alas, in today's multicultural world, such outrage is impossible.
On the street, in restaurants, taxi cabs, mosques, and public place, men (and women) stare at females, waiting-hoping-they will do something that will disgrace themselves and fuel invidious gossip.
It's not surprising, then, that among many segments of Iraqi/Arab/Muslim society, men consider women as little more than delivery systems for male heirs. They see it as natural, and it suits their patriarchal mindset. As you put it, the mere thought of allowing women control of their sexuality raises for men the terrors of emasculation, confused bloodlines, raising children sired by other men, living perpetually in the dark about the true lineage of their offspring.
This is what is holding back Muslim countries. You can't have a healthy society while half you people are treated like crap.
FP: From your experiences, you conclude that the terror war and the Iraqi war are linked together. Tell us why.

Vincent: We are fighting Islamofascism. Whether the enemy takes the form of some soft-spoken "pious" Muslim plotting the destruction of American from the mountains of Tora Bora, or a Baathist thug dreaming of becoming the next Salah-ad-din, doesn't matter. They are twin faces of the same fascist death-cult.

To the people who protest that Saddam never attacked America, I say-how many Luftwaffe pilots bombed Pearl Harbor? And yet our nation sent the bulk of its war machine against Nazi Germany. To fight Al Qaeda without taking out Saddam Hussein would have been like striking Japan after December 7, but ignoring the Germans. Somehow, FDR and the American people realized that the Japanese, Germans and Italians (and later, the Soviets) were part of the same hydra-headed monster of totalitarianism. I can't understand why our generation can't grasp the same fact.
People need to start understanding this more clearly. This isn't the "War on Al Qaeda." It's the "War on Terrorism." Saddam was a terrorist. The war includes him.