Thursday, December 16

HumVee Armor isn't from Wal-Mart!

From Fox:

The Army says it will spend more than $4 billion in the coming months to rush more armored vehicles (search) to Iraq to protect troops against bombs.

Officials rejected criticism that shortages reflect poor war planning and said they've been working as fast as possible to give troops what they need.

"This is not Wal-Mart," said Brig. Gen. Jeffery Sorenson
As has been shown in previous posts, this stuff isn't easy to make, and it isn't cheap. The Wal-Mart comment was apt. It isn't like there are warehouses full of this stuff, and the government is just sitting on it.
There was too little advanced body armor and were too few armored vehicles to deal with what the Pentagon has since acknowledged is a far stronger and longer insurgency than expected, critics say.
Isn't hindsight grand?