Thursday, December 30

Gregoire "Wins"

From ABC News:
After three vote tallies and nearly two nerve-racking months of waiting, Democrat Christine Gregoire was declared Washington's governor-elect on Thursday. But her Republican rival did not concede and wants a new election.
He should. This one was stolen.

"Do-overs" occur only in golf, and only during practice, she said. "This is not golf and this is not practice."
Really? Is that why you counted the votes three times?

After the election, more than 700 ballots surfaced in King County, which includes Seattle.
Amazingly convenient isn't it?

There needs to be a simple standard so things like this can be avoided in the future. For example, just count the ballots, and who ever comes out on top wins. You're never going to get a perfect result in these things. When the votes are this close, the margin is more like a random variable then anything else. This makes taking recounts a waste of time. The first recount is just as good as any subsequent count if not better because there is less opportunity to "find" new votes.