Saturday, December 18

"Chemical Ali" Begins to Face Justice

From Fox:
Once regarded as one of Saddam Hussein's most feared cohorts, the general who gained notoriety as Chemical Ali (search) for the gassing of thousands of Kurds faced a judge Saturday looking haggard and leaning on a cane in the first investigative hearings of former Baath regime members.
Al-Majid - who earned his nickname of Chemical Ali for his alleged use of chemical weapons against Kurds and others in the 1980s - appeared haggard in a video released after the interrogation. The gray-haired first cousin of Saddam leaned on a walking stick before sitting in front of a judge behind a desk.

Ahmad was shown staring blankly at the ground as police officers stood to either side of him holding his arms. A thickly set man with black mustache, Ahmad was later seen smiling broadly to others in the hearing room.
This guy was one of the worst of the worst. His trial is likely to by in Early to mid January. Maybe when people hear what these thugs have done, they will see the humanitarian case for the war.

The lawyer, who declined to be identified, quoted Ahmad as telling the judge: "I have been a military officer for 40 years and have never been punished…
Somehow I don't think the "Saddam never told me I was doing anything wrong" defense is going to fly.