Friday, December 17

Bush and Faith

Quotes from the Economist:
Mr Bush clearly does believe God is involved in his life. Asked at a debate in the Republican primary contest in 1999 which philosopher he most identified with, Mr Bush replied promptly, "Christ-because he changed my heart." At a national prayer breakfast in February 2003, he said he "felt the presence of the Almighty". The president has talked of making decisions "on bended knee".
If you had to make a decision, and you believed the following things: a) If you pray to God, he will answer you by guiding your actions to his will. b) You will make better decisions when you ask God. Wouldn't it be logical to ask God before making any important decisions?
By the standards of most evangelical Christians, these beliefs would be considered unremarkable. But Mr Bush cannot be judged by those standards. He is president of all Americans. What about the measure of America's political mainstream?
... the American context, is the president's belief that God is involved in the world's affairs exactly ground-breaking.
If you believe in God, how could you not believe he has a plan for the world?
Critics have complained that such quotations are code to please evangelicals, who recognize them.

<<==rolls eyes. "Code words." Why not just listen to what he has to say instead of searching for what is not there?