Tuesday, December 14

Bernard Kerik Deserves Better

I often nail left wingers for their vicious ad hominem attacks on people they disagree with, but I'm an equal opportunity offender. I was listening to Michel Savages talk show on the radio, and I hear him compare Bernard Kerik to Scott Peterson. Before I go further, let's review the facts. What has Kerik done? He's employed an illegal immigrant and supposedly had an extramarital affair. Now is this enough to prevent him from becoming Homeland Security Secretary? Probably, but does that mean he deserve to be raked over the coals by Michel Savage with comments like "One sick bastard got the death penalty today and another got a life sentence of shame?" Absolutely not. Kerik was a hero on 9/11 and then he went to Iraq to train the Iraqi police. Affairs and illegal nannies don't trump that. Michel Savage should apologize.