Monday, December 6

Another Dictator that Needs to Shut up

Pakistan's Dictator Pervez Musharraf mouthed off on CNN.

Asked whether he considered the invasion a mistake, the Pakistani leader said: "With hindsight, yes. We have landed ourselves in more trouble, yes."
Why do we continue to support this guy? He just pulled his troops from looking for bin Leaden and now he comes to the US and says that we are the ones making the world less safe. No Musharraf dictators like you are make the world a more dangerous place .

Then there's this:
An Israeli-Palestinian agreement would "pull the rug from under the feet of all the extremist organizations."
You would think he'd understand this since Al Qaeda tried to kill him too. Their motivation has nothing to do with Israel. They want there brand of 7th century Islam to dominate the world, and they will find any excuse they need to accomplish that