Saturday, November 27

Some Real News from the Front

I found this on a blog by a US solder. It's a letter from a soldier who just got back from Fallujah. I've selected a few important parts.

We left Camp Cooke on Nov 1 and staged at Camp Fallujah for about a week. While there, we got the good news that George Bush was re-elected and we had busy days and nights of planning and rehearsals for the big attack.
You'd think by the way the media reports things that the military wanted John Kerry elected. So much for that idea.

... In that first day of fighting, the Marines took 5 x KIA and many more wounded, but they also did their job very well. Along the way, they found HUGE caches of weapons, suicide vests, and many foreign fighters. They also found unbelievable amounts of drugs, mostly heroin, speed, and cocaine. It turns out, the enemy drugged themselves up to give them the "courage" and stupidity to stay and fight.
LOL Where in the Koran does it say that you should get yourself high before Jihad? Remember these are the same people that will kill you for drinking alcohol.

The enemy tried to fight us in "the city of mosques" as dirty as they could. They fired from the steeples of the mosques and the mosques themselves. They faked being hurt and then threw grenades at soldiers when they approached to give medical treatment. They waived surrender flags, only to shoot at our forces 20 seconds later when they approached to accept their surrender.
There is a solution to this problem, but it wouldn't be politically correct so more Americans have to die.

After 3 days, half of the city had been cleared and Iraqi Forces followed the Marines to re-clear the buildings and clean up the caches. Sometimes the insurgents who had managed to hide from the Marines would stand and fight the Iraqis, so they took some casualties as well. But they did a good job of securing the area and collecting the thousands of AK-47s,RPGs, mortars, and IEDs that were in these houses...
It seems the Iraqi forces aren't as inept as has been reported.

These insurgents are some sick people and Fallujah proved that more than ever. 2 mosques were not being used for prayer...but rather for roadside bomb making. They were literally IED assembly line factories, with hundreds of IEDs complete or being built. They also had several houses with high-tech equipment where they conducted their meetings.
But American's shouldn't shot at mosques. It might offend some people. (like the terrorists in the mosques, for example.)

It was a city full of people from all over the Middle East whose sole mission in life was to kill Americans. Problem for them is that they were in the wrong city in November 2004.
Guess it's time to stop calling them "insurgents."

I can't even tell you how proud I was to be part of this fight and know these soldiers who were going from building to building to take the fight to the enemy.
Roger that.
Anyone back home who thinks the world is a safe place needs to come here for a day and learn real fast that there are an awful lot of people out there who hate Americans so much that they risk their lives to try to kill us. We cannot live peacefully back at home right now unless we continue to stay on the offensive against our enemies and fight them in their backyards. Remember, radical Arabs started this war...and they continue to fight it, proving to America over and over that they need to be fought.
I think 55 million people need to take that trip.