Saturday, November 27

Freedom is on the March in Ukraine

Nice story from Fox about the crisis in the Ukraine. Here are some excerpts and comments:

Ukraine's parliament has declared the country's disputed presidential election invalid, a legally ineffectual but symbolically potent move boosting opposition hopes for a revote.

The parliament action — approved by 255 of the 429 legislators present — was not legally binding, but it was a clear demonstration of rising dissatisfaction and an indication that Yanukovych, if he becomes president, would face a hostile legislature.
This is just another brick crumbling under the feet of the Russian faction. They will have to give in soon.

Unian, citing Russia's RIA-Novosti, quoted Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Yakovenko as saying Friday that Moscow regarded a potential revote favorably — an apparently significant retreat from its earlier insistence that the Nov. 21 elections were fair and valid.
So much for Putin trying to export dictatorship to his neighbors.

"I am not hopeful and don't have faith in talks, so I plan to stand on the square until the end," said Ruslan Pokatai, 23, of Sumy. He has already spent five nights in the freezing cold but said he was willing to wait longer if it would mean Yushchenko becomes president.
Iraq needs people like that.